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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dear Dancing With The Stars

DWTS: Best in Show!
You guys aren't surprising me at all. I should be surprised by this kind of behavior but with Hollywood you just don't get surprised anymore. I just wonder if Chaz Bono knew that you were going to parade him around like a prized Westminster Dog going for best in show. I know that Chaz would know, that his presence would be a coup for your show and that you would be shoving the fact that he was on there, in everyone's face at all times, but you guys are acting like you think he is a freak on a leash. Ahem.

A REAL freak. He needs some kind of change.

Some WOULD call Chaz a freak anyway as a major celebrity child switching their gender completely from female to male and then touring television and circuits of the like, to talk about his story. Chaz is by no means innocent of pushing to get his face out there but do you guys have to do it too? Or perhaps Chaz knew all along and he insists that he be portrayed this way. I wouldn't be surprised by that either; he is a child of the same Hollywood mentality.

No matter the reason really. I feel sorry for him. The him inside. Being paraded around even at your own request still has to sting a little deep down. Seeing the commercial advertisements say "and wait to you see what is in store". What? Really? It is sad to me even if Chaz is fine with it. To me, and I could be wrong here, this is a private decision to rearrange your privates and your life in such a way. But again we come back to Hollywood and their need for ratings and that all adds up to money and keep in mind that money is being thrown around hard because of this. Chaz is making a mint but will it be satisfying that he didn't just settle into a new life and give an interview ten years from now after he is settled into his new masculine lifestyle.
The bouquet of lovely green flowers left in Chaz's dressing room everyday

I would like to say that, in my opinion, if a woman feels like she is a man or a man feels like they are a woman, then by all means change if you can do it. Life is too short to be something you clearly are not because of other people. I just am kind of sad and mad to see it being played out as a publicity stunt that someone has attached a dong to themselves. I will be watching though, just to see if Chaz pops a Bono on stage.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Efrim Zither and The Un-American Cheese

My name is Efrim and I am all American, god fearing, Democrat hating Tea party lovin' flag waving kind of guy. In other words I bleed blue and white right along with my red.
We don't need anybody but our 52! Count em'

Lets get right to this alright. I am not a prejudice man but I am disgusted when I walk into my local Wal-Mart and make my way to the dairy department and see this huge lineup of cheese right next to my good old American slices! I have had enough of it. If you were born by a woman in these United States then I don't see any reason to be dipping into anything that don't say Kraft American on it. I'm fed up with Feta. Gouda is bad. Swiss is a miss. Cheddar could be better. Brie ain't for me. Don't start me up on Muenster cheese. Sounds like monster and I heard it was German.That is a Jew hating cheese! Those are god's people you stupid cheese!
The only other way to have cheese.

How could any self-respecting person born into the red, white and blue fifty-two let this happen? I will tell you! Foreigner ass kissing! We let every damn nation make a bed here for a extended camping trip and then we have to accommodate by bringing their nations disgusting food. Listen here other people, we like our American cheese on our American pizza, with our dirty American hands! I leave the fact that most American cheese is yellow alone for now, although they do make a white one which should be preferred I would say. If everyone would just go back to whatever country they where unfortunate enough to be born in, we'd all be happy! If the Mexicans would just take their Taco Bell and go back to Mexico and the Irish would take their little three leaf plants and go back to Ireland, and the Chinese would take those little sticks and dog meat and go back to Japan or Korea, and those hippity flippity English would take their uppity words and go back to...wherever they are from, we'd be great again!.Don't forget about those Indians and their wigwams and tee-pees, send them back to India!
Puttin' up totems and ancient burial grounds on our land before we got here!

This is goddamn America and I ain't having no cheese ruining my country any longer.

E. Zither

*note-Mr. Zither's opinions are his opinions and not the opinions of this blog.


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